• iOS 15 UDiD Registration Instant - iSignCloud AppAddict NO Jailbreak


    Instant iOS 15 UDiD Registration Services
  • iOS 15 UDiD Registration Instant - iSignCloud AppAddict NO Jailbreak
    iOS 15 UDiD Registration Instant - iSignCloud AppAddict NO Jailbreak
    iOS 15 UDiD Registration Instant - iSignCloud AppAddict NO Jailbreak
    iOS 15 UDiD Registration Instant - iSignCloud AppAddict NO Jailbreak
    iOS 15 UDiD Registration Instant - iSignCloud AppAddict NO Jailbreak
    iOS 15 UDiD Registration Instant - iSignCloud AppAddict NO Jailbreak


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  • iOS 15 UDiD Registration Instant - iSignCloud AppAddict NO Jailbreak
    iOS 15 UDiD Registration Instant - iSignCloud AppAddict NO Jailbreak

    NO JailBreak!!

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iOS 15 UDiD Registration

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RegMyUDiD is the original number one place on the internet for UDiD Activations & Registrations. We have been the fastest, most professional service for 12 years and have registered a staggering 1 Million + UDiD's since iOS 3!

We offer a range of services from standard UDiD registration to a cloud based resign service iSignCloud for installing your apps on any NON JailBroken device using the AppAddict iOS app!

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iOS 15 UDiD Registration Instant - iSignCloud AppAddict NO Jailbreak

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UDiD Registration

RegMyUDiD is the original, longest running UDiD registration provider. Providing the fastest most reliable registrations since iOS 3!
Instant registrations!

Powerful Products

We have developed a range of services and tools to enhance your iOS eperience. Everything we do has super simple operation with powerful results

Cloud Based Resign

iSignCloud is our flagship service. This is app resigning done in the cloud, install your own apps, NO jailbreak required direct on device. Uses AppAddict App!

Excellent Support

From day one we have been renowned for our dedicated and thorough support. We recently implemented an online helpdesk to further improve the level of support

Services We Offer

We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.

UDiD Registration

First and foremost RegMyUDiD is for developers. We have been offering UDiD registration services to members for the past 12 years now since iOS 3 beta. Over the years we have streamlined our registration process and for the past few years have offered automated registrations. In doing so we are now able to offer instant registrations for all the packages that we offer.

Resigning of Apps

RegMyUDiD provide you with all the necessary files and tools to resign and install your apps on any NON jailbroken device. We have a couple of tools, iSignCloud is an all in one cloud based resign service that is operated on your device. We also have a program called AppAddict Tools that will allow you to resign apps using your mac.

Reseller Programs

We are about to launch a brand new reseller program, this will give you the opportunity to run your own UDiD registration website. We have designed a range of ready to go websites with some excellent domains to choose from. Resellers will have access to sell all RegMyUDiD services and tools, we have fantastic reseller rates we think you will be very happy with!

Our Promise

To constantly provide you with the fastest most reliable UDiD registration service. We strive to inovate within all areas we work!

  • Developing Exciting Tools
  • Attention to Detail
  • 100% Dedication
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Now for the nitty gritty

Terms & Conditions

** Once your order has been placed please do not install the iOS Beta until you have received your confirmation message which will be sent to email address you used at the time of sign up and will contain full instructions on how to proceed with the installation of iOS Betas and also iSignCloud. Once the UDiD you sent to us has been submitted to our developers program the cost is non-refundable even if you send the wrong UDiD — we only copy and paste what you send us we don't know if its right or wrong unless its not 40 characters. If you submit the wrong UDiD you will have to purchase a new Membership. WE only offer one UDiD number/slot per membership. Once submitted it is non-editable and that slot is then permanently taken — this is the way Apple's registration works. When purchasing membership you are agreeing to the above terms..

** DalPay Retail is an authorized retailer of services from RegMyUDiD. Ltd. dalpay.is REGMYUDI +18778657746 may appear on your card statement. Some banks and credit or debit card issuers may charge you an international processing fee. This international service fee is controlled and charged by your bank, or card issuer not by RegMyUDiD. Please refer to INTLServiceFee.com.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: RegMyUDiD does NOT condone copyright infringment. Use AppAddict Tools responsibly only to distribute your own apps, or apps for which you have a copyright license to reproduce and distribute.

** Please note you are not paying for the UDiD slot — this is provided free by RegMyUDiD. You are paying for enrolment into the RegMyUDiD developer program and our provision of membership services. Upon registration you are agreeing to become a member of our development team. We actively develop iOS apps and will call upon you from time to time to test and provide feedback for our new applications or applications of our partners, in their beta stage.

** Please also note we are not responsible for any damage caused to your phone or loss of data by updating to iOS Beta's — all we do is add your device UDiD number to our Apple Developers Acount which acts as a reference only, it does not physically change your device in any way. Once the UDiD is registered the cost is non-refundable in any circumstances unless caused by an error on our behalf but as we only process the submitted UDiD numbers this is very unlikely.

** Instant Registration - We offer you Instant Registration, there are occasionally times when the Apple Developer Portal is down for routine maintainence, there are also times like around a Beta launch where Apple registration servers get back logged. If there is a delay due to any of the following your order will be processed as soon as Apple's systems are back online. No refunds will be issued for delayed registration due to circumstances beyond our control!

Delivery and Refund Policy

** RegMyUDiD membership services are delivered digitally. Because of the nature of the service, no refunds are possible for membership services once they have been delivered. Delivery is deemed to have started at the time the first developer service is registered or provided to you; for example when you have used one of the services or tools, or your UDiD has been registered. NO REFUNDS are permitted AFTER that time.

** UDiD registrations can take up to 24 hrs in normal periods of load depending on Apple's servers. There is also times of exceptional loads and outages from Apples servers around product and beta launches. If your UDID is showing to take more than 24 hours to register - please create a support ticket at our helpdesk.