RegMyUDiD Premium Membership - £21.99

iOS 15 UDiD Registration - iSignCloud AppAddict NO Jailbreak

This is a separate addon package and does not include UDiD registration at all! it's a one off payment like all packages is valid for 12 months!
You are able to add upto three devices you have previously registered with us for iSignCloud to this add-on for the one same price!
iOS 15 UDiD Registration - iSignCloud AppAddict NO Jailbreak
Purchasing this service will give you access to our premium iSignCloud server. This is seperate server to the normal resign server, it has much higher bandwidth with a lot less congestion resulting in blazing fast resigning and downloading of apps! This is an introductory price of ONLY £15.99 for the first few weeks, after this we expect the price to be about £22.99. So grab it now while it's cheap!

Also as a premium customer you will receive premium suport. You will be given access to email a premium support address that only premium customer are able to send to. Our support is second to none at the best of times but this will ensure that you receive priority support. There will be dedicated members solely responsible for dealing with any premium queries.

Another great benefit of becoming a premium customer is that, when we are developing new features and services you will be eligible to beta test these for free untill they are officially released. You will also be given offers from time to time to save you money on any future registrations or services you may purchase from us in the future!

iOS 15 UDiD Registration - iSignCloud AppAddict NO Jailbreak

FREE AppAddict Premium!

This just puts the icing on the cake! AppAddict our freinds have agreed to throw in a nice juicy bonus for all you RegMyUDiD premium customers!! When you purchace RegMyUDiD Premium You will also receive a full year of AppAddict Premium!
This is worth £25 on it's own so for this free gift alone makes the premium package an excellent value for money offer! Some of the features you will benefit from are

Direct Installer
Install Apps directly to your home screen like in the appstore (Jailbroken and NON Jailbroken)

OTA Installer
Browse the AppAddict website and choose push app installation direct to your device over the air! (Jailbroken devices ONLY)

No Ads
There will be no adverts displayed on the website or within the iOS app (Jailbroken and NON Jailbroken)

Link upto 5 devices to AppAddict Premium

For more information on AppAddict premium please see HERE

The best thing is you dont need to have bought UDiD registration from us to purchase this package if you are only wanting this to get the FREE AppAddict Premium that comes bundled.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: RegMyUDiD does NOT condone copyright infringment. Use AppAddict responsibly only to distribute your own apps, or apps for which you have a copyright license to reproduce and distribute.

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Now for the nitty gritty

Terms & Conditions

** Once your order has been placed please do not install the iOS Beta until you have received your confirmation message which will be sent to email address you used at the time of sign up and will contain full instructions on how to proceed with the installation of iOS Betas and also iSignCloud. Once the UDiD you sent to us has been submitted to our developers program the cost is non-refundable even if you send the wrong UDiD — we only copy and paste what you send us we don't know if its right or wrong unless its not 40 characters. If you submit the wrong UDiD you will have to purchase a new Membership. WE only offer one UDiD number/slot per membership. Once submitted it is non-editable and that slot is then permanently taken — this is the way Apple's registration works. When purchasing membership you are agreeing to the above terms..

** DalPay Retail is an authorized retailer of services from RegMyUDiD. Ltd. REGMYUDI +18778657746 may appear on your card statement. Some banks and credit or debit card issuers may charge you an international processing fee. This international service fee is controlled and charged by your bank, or card issuer not by RegMyUDiD. Please refer to

IMPORTANT NOTICE: RegMyUDiD does NOT condone copyright infringment. Use AppAddict Tools responsibly only to distribute your own apps, or apps for which you have a copyright license to reproduce and distribute.

** Please note you are not paying for the UDiD slot — this is provided free by RegMyUDiD. You are paying for enrolment into the RegMyUDiD developer program and our provision of membership services. Upon registration you are agreeing to become a member of our development team. We actively develop iOS apps and will call upon you from time to time to test and provide feedback for our new applications or applications of our partners, in their beta stage.

** Please also note we are not responsible for any damage caused to your phone or loss of data by updating to iOS Beta's — all we do is add your device UDiD number to our Apple Developers Acount which acts as a reference only, it does not physically change your device in any way. Once the UDiD is registered the cost is non-refundable in any circumstances unless caused by an error on our behalf but as we only process the submitted UDiD numbers this is very unlikely.

** Instant Registration - We offer you Instant Registration, there are occasionally times when the Apple Developer Portal is down for routine maintainence, there are also times like around a Beta launch where Apple registration servers get back logged. If there is a delay due to any of the following your order will be processed as soon as Apple's systems are back online. No refunds will be issued for delayed registration due to circumstances beyond our control!

Delivery and Refund Policy

** RegMyUDiD membership services are delivered digitally. Because of the nature of the service, no refunds are possible for membership services once they have been delivered. Delivery is deemed to have started at the time the first developer service is registered or provided to you; for example when you have used one of the services or tools, or your UDiD has been registered. NO REFUNDS are permitted AFTER that time.

** UDiD registrations can take up to 24 hrs in normal periods of load depending on Apple's servers. There is also times of exceptional loads and outages from Apples servers around product and beta launches. If your UDID is showing to take more than 24 hours to register - please create a support ticket at our helpdesk.